South Square pupillage brochure

South Square 

All in the details

10 September 2017

We are pleased to say there are some new projects in the offing here at CI. This includes a brand update with South Square Barristers Chambers. While we’re still developing the refresh for the online delivery, we’d like to share with you the first piece of print we’ve produced. It’s hard to avoid the draw of a traditional London law theme of the square mile and the architecture we see here, but creating a difference is key to the exercise.

South Square’s overarching quality is its people and their reputation. To celebrate this and attract the next generation of barristers we were commissioned to design their pupillage brochure. Using quotes, developing a family of icons and applying some traditional print techniques are just the beginnings to this update.

We look forward to showing the rest of the brand update as elements are completed, watch this space.