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Project Description


Branding, art direction & print

The diamond specialist jewellery store Pravins asked us to regenerate and segment their brand material to highlight their bridal, fashion and bespoke ranges. We curated and named ranges within their stock, creating atmospheres and moods that related styles and price points to their customers. Refreshing the brand in this way allowed us to target specific customer bases and in turn improve sales.

Creating a separate brochure for the Bridal jewellery customers was an important part of the delivery for Pravins, enhancing their prestige as diamond experts. We developed this brochure with a guide to diamond buying, each page showing a different kind of diamond cut and a range of price points, but art directed in such a way that every ring would feel as beautiful as the next. Every spread is connected by a ribbon flowing from page to page, looping through the jewellery, representing the romantic journey the customers are on as they prepare to ‘tie the knot’.

Brand awareness within their customer database was maintained via direct mail; advertising seasonal and new product ranges. This mailer was designed to promote the launch of a range called ‘Enigma’. The design is based around an interlocking origami fold, that mimicked the design of the jewellery featured within.