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Project Description

London Jewish Cultural Centre

Brand refresh & print work

The London Jewish Cultural Centre is a diverse adult education centre and a hub of Jewish community in London. We had branded them 6 years previously, but with an evaluation of what the centre was doing, it was time to reinvigorate this brand. It had to be universal to any content and to be implemented in a more assertive way; as the community around it had grown and diversified, not to mention the London peer group of other education centres had also evolved. Inclusivity and intellect were the watch-words and we felt that as the original Jewish hub in London, the brand should be one that acted like a ‘seal’ to any event or course they produced, indicating an expected standard to everything they do.

We have recently worked with the London Jewish Cultural Centre to create the social history website London Jews in the First World War.

London Jewish Cultural Centre


FUSION is the youth section of the London Jewish Cultural Centre, providing after school, weekend and holiday courses for children. The programme has grown from just a poster to having its own brand and print collateral. Working closely with the client, we both felt it was important that the brand appealed to young people, rather than being solely about parent approval.