Goodbye Dippy!

Goodbye Dippy!

The Natural History Museum

26 November 2016

He’s a bit of an icon around these parts – of course in South Kensington, that could be referring to a lot of people, but we’re talking about Dippy the Diplodocus skeleton at the Natural History Museum.

As the Hintze Hall there is changing he’s being taken on a tour – the first move he’s made since being on display since 1905. That’s why we feel he’s quite a local icon and takes a memorable spot in a lot of people’s childhood and adult memory, somehow no matter how much we grow up, being able to see the scale of an animal like this will always be somewhat magical. So it’s no wonder people are a little uncomfortable seeing a change for this display. 

The Museums here are amazing destinations to have on the agency’s doorstep and we look forward to seeing the new exhibit when it launches, but it was time to make one last visit before he goes. If you can’t see him before he leaves, find out where the tour is, here.