The Design Museum 

Studio visit

28 April 2017

We finally made it to the Design Museum on High Street Kensington as a team, and it was refreshing to see the curation; design in history, culture, ethics, medicine – a wide range of themes to open questions about at what point (if any) does design not enter our lives. Here is a selection of our highlights. An incredible space; we look forward to visiting again and if you haven’t yet – we recommend it!

Kate’s pick:
Eames’ plywood leg splint

I’d only known Eames for their furniture design, so to see them making leg splints during WW2 surprised me. It seems like an obvious solution now, to make an inexpensive, lightweight item that needed manufacturing fast was ideal for their iconic plywood process. A brilliantly simple design idea crossing sectors.

Here’s some further information.

Rob’s pick:
Untitled film by Thomas Thwaites

This was a film about design’s role in the fight against climate change and used three joined screens to make the content as visually stimulating as the audio was. Produced by Thomas Thwaites, of living-like-a-goat fame, it is untraceable online, so if you are interested you’ll have to go to the Design Museum see it for yourself.

Tash & Kathryn’s pick:
How to Make a Tennis Ball 

There was so much to see in the exhibition that this video provided some welcomed hypnosis. A super satisfying watch. See for yourself: