Daikokuya opening 

New Bond Street, London

20 July 2016

It’s been all hands on deck branding and implementing the Daikokuya opening. The new brand from Japan making it’s debut here, but not just anywhere – luxury shopping mecca New Bond Street. No pressure then! Time has been of the essence because the store needed gutting and a complete design applied throughout, every day counted.

It’s been a brilliant few weeks planning product spaces and helping hang the POS that we’ve designed. An excellent experience of working very directly with clients and suppliers alike, and a major buzz creating a full environment for a brand on a pretty truncated timescale. The team at ETC being particularly on hand for all the large scale printed items; like full wall lightboxes and working with the shop fitters to create the bespoke display areas we designed.

We’re pleased to stay the shop is now open, doing well and with our bespoke wallpaper fresh on the walls, here’s Natasha being our Daikokuya customer of the day. We are due to start the online delivery next.