NouvelleBox LFW


at LFW 2017

28 September 2017

The NouvelleBox brand continues to expand beyond its core fashion portfolio and supplier database areas. As part of the network building aspects of this site, we all believed that a platform for discussion about the industry would be a brilliant addition to the strategy for this site. So, the Jobs Board and digital Magazine were always going to play a huge part in getting interactions up on the site and we are pleased to be working on more fully-fledged versions of them now.

Especially when you can see it playing a part in the home scene of London during Fashion Week. Check out the magazine here and read NouvelleBox’s reviews at London Fashion Week here.

Check out the full project here.

South Square pupillage brochure

South Square 

All in the details

10 September 2017

We are pleased to say there are some new projects in the offing here at CI. This includes a brand update with South Square Barristers Chambers. While we’re still developing the refresh for the online delivery, we’d like to share with you the first piece of print we’ve produced. It’s hard to avoid the draw of a traditional London law theme of the square mile and the architecture we see here, but creating a difference is key to the exercise.

South Square’s overarching quality is its people and their reputation. To celebrate this and attract the next generation of barristers we were commissioned to design their pupillage brochure. Using quotes, developing a family of icons and applying some traditional print techniques are just the beginnings to this update.

We look forward to showing the rest of the brand update as elements are completed, watch this space.

Phantom of the Opera

12 July 2017

A big thank you to Howard at Beachshore for providing a CI night out at the theatre. A web programmer by day and a stage lighting technician by night, Howard invited us along to see him at work at The Phantom of the Opera in the West End. We didn’t see him of course, as he was behind the scenes, but on top of seeing this iconic musical – we did get a to see back stage, the amazing Victorian engineering of all the moving stage parts and rigs, the hundreds of incredible props hidden and suspended out of sight and where all the trap doors are. However, we are sworn to secrecy so you won’t get any pictures from us!


Congratulations to 2017’s Yoni Jesner Awards recipients!

10 July 2017

Creative Interpartners have designed the branding for the Yoni Jesner Awards programme that supports 11-13 year olds to volunteer. The ceremony was an inspiring event to recognise the hundreds of young people who made a difference in their community, independently or through their schools or the JLGB. Joined by the Chief Rabbi; new volunteers and young ambassadors came together to review a brilliant year for making change and empowering youth.